ECYC ECYC is a European network of youth work and youth club organisations that practice and promote open youth work and non-formal education. With a membership of 23 organisations from 20 European countries, ECYC reaches up to 1.2 million young people. Their vision is to empower young people through open youth work and non-formal learning in order to promote democratic and civil society, and to encourage young people to be actively involved in their communities.
LOGO jugendmanagement LOGO jugendmanagement is an innovative Austrian youth organisation which offers young people information and services in the areas of work, international affairs, health, education, life from A to Z and leisure, and is a communication service provider for young people. LOGO supports young people in making the right decisions for them and to actively contribute to their
living environments. LOGO promotes the information literacy of young people to support them to determine their lives as much as possible, and one key aspect of LOGO is their promotion of diversity, participation and gender equality.
Youth Work Ireland is the largest youth organisation in Ireland, made up of 21 Member Youth Services and a national office.
Through an Integrated Youth Services Model Youth Work Ireland provide young people with a range of services, programmes and supports, including mental health supports, resilience building, anxiety programmes, drug and alcohol supports, LGBTI+
youth work, club development, employability programmes, counselling services, rural outreach and fun safe spaces for young people to gather.
The Youth Work Ireland Our Generation team will be providing a lot of wonderful opportunities for young people to develop their knowledge around issues such as emotional well-being, sexual health, and leadership through the Be Well Programme, YES Project, and Youth Banks. We will be delivering across the border counties of Cavan, Monaghan, Sligo, Leitrim, and Donegal. The Our Generation project is supported by the European Union’s Peace IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).